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Hveto is a package designed for gravitational-wave detector characterisation and data quality. The algorithm identifies statistically significant correlations between transient noise events (triggers) in instrumental or environmental data channels, and those in the calibrated gravitational-wave strain output. Hveto is a key tool in reducing the noise background in searches for transient gravitational-wave signals, and was used, for example, during the detection of the binary black hole signal GW150914.

For full details about the algorithm, please refer to Smith et al. 2011 (Classical and Quantum Gravity).

To get started, simply import the core module:

import hveto


Hveto is best installed with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge hveto

but can also be installed with pip:

python -m pip install hveto

Note, users with LIGO.ORG credentials have access to a software container with a regularly-updated build of Hveto. For more information please refer to the LSCSoft Conda documentation.


All code should follow the Python Style Guide outlined in PEP 0008; users can use the flake8 package to check their code for style issues before submitting.

See the contributions guide for the recommended procedure for proposing additions/changes.

The Hveto project is hosted on GitHub:


Hveto is distributed under the GNU General Public License.