hveto.plot module

Plotting routines for hveto

hveto.plot.before_after_histogram(outfile, x, y, label1='Before', label2='After', bins=100, histtype='stepfilled', range=None, figsize=[9, 6], **kwargs)[source]

Plot a histogram of SNR for two event distributions

hveto.plot.hveto_roc(outfile, rounds, figsize=[9, 6], constants=[1, 5, 10, 20], **kwargs)[source]
hveto.plot.significance_drop(outfile, old, new, show_channel_names=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot the signifiance drop for each channel

hveto.plot.veto_scatter(outfile, a, b, label1='All', label2='Vetoed', x='time', y='snr', color=None, clim=None, clabel=None, cmap=None, clog=True, figsize=[9, 6], **kwargs)[source]

Plot an x-y scatter of all/vetoed events