hveto.utils module

General utilities for hveto

hveto.utils.channel_groups(channellist, ngroups)[source]

Separate a list of channels into a number of equally-sized groups


channellist : list

large list to separate into chunks

ngroups : int

number of output groups


iterator : iterator list of list

a generator sequence yielding a sub-list on each iteration

hveto.utils.primary_vetoed(starttime=None, hveto_path=None, snr=6.0, significance=5.0)[source]

Catalogue all vetoed primary triggers from a given analysis

This utility queries the output of an hveto analysis for the triggers vetoed from its primary channel over all rounds (up to thresholds on signal-to-noise ratio and round significance).


starttime : str or float

start GPS time for this analysis

hveto_path : ‘str’

path of the hveto files directory, not required if starttime is given

snr : float, optional

signal-to-noise ratio threshold on triggers, default: 6.0

significance : float, optional

hveto significance threshold on auxiliary channels, default: 5.0


catalogue : EventTable

a tabular catalogue of primary triggers vetoed in the hveto run

hveto.utils.write_lal_cache(target, paths)[source]