hveto.triggers module

Trigger I/O utilities for hveto

hveto.triggers.find_auxiliary_channels(etg, gps='*', ifo='*', cache=None)[source]

Find all auxiliary channels processed by a given ETG

If cache=None is given (default), the channels are parsed from the ETG archive under /home/detchar/triggers. Otherwise, the channel names are parsed from the files in the cache, assuming they follow the T050017 file-naming convention.


etg : str

name of the trigger generator

gps : int, tuple, optional

GPS reference time, or pair of times indicating [start, end), at which to find channels

ifo : str, optional

interferometer prefix for which to find channels

cache : list of str, optional

list of files from which to parse channels


channels : list of str

the names of all available auxiliary channels

hveto.triggers.find_trigger_files(channel, etg, segments, **kwargs)[source]

Find trigger files for a given channel and ETG


channel : str

name of channel to find

etg : str

name of event trigger generator to find

segments : segmentlist

list of segments to find


all other keyword arguments are passed to gwtrigfind.find_trigger_urls


cache : list of str

cache of trigger file paths

See also


for details on file discovery

hveto.triggers.get_triggers(channel, etg, segments, cache=None, snr=None, frange=None, raw=False, extra_times=None, trigfind_kwargs={}, **read_kwargs)[source]

Get triggers for the given channel